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Juneau, AK, United States

Admiralty Environmental, LLC is an environmental consulting firm specializing in water quality related environmental projects in both marine and land-based settings. Our organization is focused on understanding the unique environmental requirements for operating within increasingly complex regulatory structures in Alaska, and worldwide. Admiralty Environmental personnel hold ten years of direct experience with design and management of the federal and state large ship sampling and analysis program. Our principals are experts in the specific sampling and analysis procedures required under current USCG regulations and discharge regulations in other states.

Admiralty Environmental offers guaranteed accurate and professional sampling by qualified samplers and certified analytical work for compliance testing in states now requiring routine wastewater compliance testing (Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, Maine, California, and Washington). Admiralty Environmental carefully maintains third party independence and has developed strong professional relationships with both the regulatory community and industry. In addition to sampling and project management services, Admiralty Environmental also offers certified onboard training programs to assist marine-related industry and land-based waste treatment plant operators with internal testing and monitoring efforts.

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  • Carnival Corporation & PLC
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Admiralty Environmental LLC
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Juneau, AK
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