Accord International, Inc.

Houston, Texas, United States

Welcome to the Accord International, Inc. website!! Accord International, Inc. has been serving the Marine, Petro-Chemical, Transportation and Industrial industries since 1987.

Accord is a master fabricator and distributor of composite, metal, and rubber hoses, bellows, expansion joints, fire fighting equipment, fire hose, brass fittings, gaskets, packings, tank cleaning, ventilation equipment and accessories. We also fabricate metal hose assemblies, expansion joints, bellows, wyes, tees, reducers, vapor recovery connections and related articles.

With eleven veteran employees having a combined 90+ years knowledge and experience gained as both consumers and suppliers to these industries, we are proficient at identifying and resolving needs you and your associates may have.

Accord is committed to meeting each individual client's requirements. You can be certain, by the time our products are placed in service the highest possible quality has been obtained. We pledge to continue our partnership and our total commitment to quality and service for many years to come.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 10 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Alaska Tanker Company
  • Tote Services
  • Seatrans A/S
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Accord International, Inc.
4380 South Wayside,
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Houston, Texas
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