Marine Suppliers of Nakakita Seisakusho Valves

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ISS Machinery Services Limited Osaka, Japan

Basic Service Scope: 1. Supply of Genuine Spare Parts & Equipment from the Original Manufacturers. 2. Technical services for trouble shooting and overhaul. 3. Life...

Brand: Nakakita Seisakusho
Category: High Velocity Pressure Valves
Description: engine, boiler, pump, valve, compressor, navigation, propeller, ...
Document Match: ... regulating motoyama seisakusho co., ltd. valve nakakita ...
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rubber nakakita seisakusho co. valves
... unit item no. nakakita seisakusho co. valves
seat ring item- nakakita seisakusho co., valves
seat ring for nakakita seisakusho buterfly valve size mm n-
... type: ns d-c nakakita seisakusho valve

Fuji Trading Co. Ltd. (Kobe) Kobe, Japan

Registered Head Office in Yokohama, Japan, and Marine Logistics Headquarter in Kobe, FUJI TRADING CO., LTD. (FTC), with over 5 decades of maritime experience, offers...

Brand: Nakakita Seisakusho
Category: Valves
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... nut acelgbre b nakakita seisakusho co., valve, quick close
... unit item no. nakakita seisakusho valve remote control system
... ring nominal size nakakita seisakusho valves
... relay item no. nakakita seisakusho valve control & e.s.d.system
nakakita seisakusho co., valves

Flotech, Inc. Jacksonville, Florida, United States

New valve, actuator, solenoids, switches sales. Offering gate,globe,check,knife gate,butterfly,plug,triple-offset,high-performance,high-pressure,low-pressure,repair...

Category: Valves
Description: new valve, actuator, solenoids, switches ...
Document Match: ...valve & automat ion experts ...
Recently Supplied:
... jerguson gauge glass valve
rebuild " butterfly valve
... glass shut off valve
... jerguson gauge glass valv e
" # globe stop valve

Brand Model: solenoid valves & accessories

W & O Supply (USA) Jacksonville, FL, United States

Founded in 1975 W&O has 19 branches worldwide and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pipe, valves, fittings, engineered solutions and valve actuation for...

Brand: American Valve (Authorized Agent)
Category: Valves
Description: ...valves, fittings, engineered solutions and valve actuation for the ...
Catalog: 2294 matches
Document Match: ma13-0558 your source for pipe, valves, fittings ... View Document
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butterfly valve butterfly ...
diaphragm v valves nakakita seisakusho co., fuel oil
... ring for ballast valve seat ring for ...
nakakita, pilot operated type reducing valve, kit gen
... no:t-- item no.od- valves nakakita seisakusho co.

Marinco Ltd Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan

Supplier of Main Engine Spares, Auxiliary Engine Spares, Davits

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c (page ) nakakita seisakusho co. valves for permanent ballast ...

Respon Flow Control Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Wuxi Respon Flow Control is a premier manufacturer and distributor of industrial valve and valve control products. It is oriented to export and OEM. The company...

Category: Valves/Actuated Valves
Description: ... distributor of industrial valve and valve
Catalog: 52 matches
Document Match: ... thgit spool valve/body munimula dedurtxe ...

Tacty Corporation Tokyo, Japan

Ship's spare parts for M/E, G/E, Aux.Machinery

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indicating cover nakakita seisakusho co., valve position transmitter remote ...
... no.btv capacity cc nakakita seisakusho co. valve
seat ring nakakita seisakusho co. butterfly valve for dbt no. ...
flow meter ' nakakita seisakusho co. valve opening/ open-shut indicator ...
... valve open-shut transmitter) nakakita seisakusho co. valve

Shanghai Banner Demo Ship Equipment... Shanghai, China

We have been commenced to supply spare parts for MAN B&W engines with bore diameter less than 600mm and WARTSILA SULZER engines with bore diameter less than 580mm,...

Description: ... such as exhaust valve complete, roller guide
Catalog: 26 matches
Document Match: ... rig for fuel valve hop1100 hop1100d hop600

Best Engineering (Service... Manchester, Greater...

We supply and deliver a vast range of products including engine, machinery and pump parts, Ship Compressors and Spares, equipment and spare parts, control, flow and...

Brand: Abacus Valves
Category: Valves
Description: ... in the actuator & valve industry and are ...
Document Match: technical documentation rubberlined butterfly valves manual operators check ...

D&R Valves bv Giessen, Netherlands

Valve and spares Supplier

Company Name: D&R Valves bv
Category: Valves
Description: valve and spares supplier
Document Match: ... d & r valves bv. d ...
Recently Supplied:
butterfly valve maker wafer type ...
non-return valve dn pn makers ... seal nbr world valves fw cooling system
butterfly valve dn pn jh ...
wafer type butterfly valve body cast iron, ... liner nbr world valves fw cooling
storm valve -uom: undefined undefined ...

H+G Meister AG - Polyverix Zurich, Switzerland

The core products of POLYVERIX-H+G Meister AG are components and spare parts for 2-stroke diesel engines which are mainly applied for marine propulsion and as well...

Category: Valves
Document Match: ... flex50 adjustable valve union
Recently Supplied:
valve plate z switzerland rta valves relief, scavenge space, ...
... and u rta valve exhaust, no. cyl, ...
guide bush for valve cage. sparepart number: -z
valve plate for scavenge ...
... u switzerland rta valve exhaust, no. cyl, ...

Saifee Ship Spare Parts & Chandlers... Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Saifee, as we are better known has been in the marine industry for over 30 years. Headquartered in Dubai we cater to all ports in the Middle East. Saifee boasts a...

Category: Valves
Document Match: ... dnv class approved valves for ship side ... View Document
Recently Supplied:
nakakita seisakusho co., -cdf (a) ...
drain (m shv) nakakita seisakusho co. type:dy-g valve, single seat ...
... no pipes and valves, nakakita seisakusho co., -cdf (a) ...
rating-jis k, valve type-ns () pcbt , make nakakita seisakusho co. cg
... spec) pipes and valves, general nakakita seisakusho co.,

LFA Global Pte Ltd Singapore, Singapore

The company was founded in 1986 in a 1,000 square feet office at Thye Hong Centre. It has since grown into a formidable player in the marine industry. Recognizing...

Brand: Ace Valves (Authorized Installer/Repairer)
Category: Valves
Description: ... distributors of marine valves
Recently Supplied:
with screws. nakakita seisakusho pvt valves
... space pg b nakakita seisakusho co.,
... working temp:- c nakakita seisakusho co. valve no. , stripper pump
... spare on board nakakita seisakusho co. valve seat rings
... wafer type manual valve dalm- nakakita seisakusho co.,

Japan Marine (S) Pte Ltd Singapore, Singapore

JMS Group is a Japanese Trading house with Offices in Japan/Korea/Singapore/India/UAE/Turkey/Greece With offices covering all major shipping hubs we have our...

Brand: Nakakita Seisakusho
Category: Valves
Recently Supplied:
, ballast line nakakita seisakusho- valve ea valve number: ...
... seisakusho-: na na valve, line nakakita
... w -position green nakakita seisakusho: valve
... (for vlalve pbt nakakita seisakusho co., valve,

SH Marwell Co. Ltd. Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Supply of all of kinds of Unit of marine Machinery & Spare Parts for marine Machinery. Maintenance service for Marine Machinery. Forwarding of several units and...

Recently Supplied:
... drw#: akgqare book#: nakakita seisakusho co. various
... nbr dwg pbt-e: nakakita seisakusho co. valves, ballast valves &
... zehta mfs name: nakakita seisakusho co. valves
... ss dwg ptb-e: nakakita seisakusho co. valves
... p/n:, drawing ptb-d nakakita seisakusho co. valves, ballast

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