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  • "ShipServ is a vital tool for us as a leading European ship chandler and we need to be highly visible in the ports we serve as it is used by all the leading shipping companies."

    George Saris, President
    Atlas Ship Chandlers

  • "We started to use TradeNet just to save time and stop manual typing of orders, but now we get other substantial benefits including vital benchmark data on suppliers’ response times that help us in all our negotiations."

    Knut Ove Thuland Hansen, Purchasing Manager

  • "Time is the biggest saving through ShipServ. We have detailed data that tells us that the amount of time we spend per vessel each week has dropped from 9.2 hours to 7.9 hours."

    Richard O'Malley, Purchasing Supervisor
    Crowley Maritime

  • "Encouraging our suppliers to adopt the e-commerce platform has been well worth the effort. We have reaped significant cost savings from streamlining our purchasing processes."

    Charles Ong, Purchasing Manager
    Keppel Shipyard

  • "Since joining ShipServ in 2012, we have gained 7 new clients in 18 months. It has helped our company be seen in the international shipping market as both ShipServ Pages and TradeNet are used by many different shipping companies and it also speeds up the process between buyer and supplier."

    Valeria Assandri,Machinery & Replacement Parts S.r.l

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ShipServ Membership and definitions

The standard prices are subject to change with reference to the Notice Period in ShipServ’s General Terms & Conditions.  Please note that these definitions may differ from those shown in other documents, and in this case, these online definitions prevail.  All the following prices and definitions are subject to change.


PO Fee:  Calculated by multiplying the PO % shown in your Sales Agreement Form by the total PO value in USD.

Total PO value: This is always in USD.  In any billing period, we will use the latest of either of these documents for any particular transaction: PO value or  POC (Purchase Order Confirmation) value.  If a PO is in a different currency to USD then ShipServ converts that amount to USD on the day the PO or POC is issued.  The exchange rate used, updated once per day, is provided from

POs & POCs: Our aim is to charge you the agreed rate and accurate amount for your purchase order. That is difficult when a PO or POC has no value or uses an invalid currency. In those cases, we will replace the zero value or invalid currency amount with the median value of all your POs (or POC’s where applicable) in the last 12 months. You can correct this with the actual value by issuing a POC for the correct value. If you cannot issue a POC to correct please contact Customer Support within 6 months of the PO date.
Where applicable, ShipServ reserves the right to see documentary evidence, including invoices, showing any amounts you have revised by POC.


Every month you need to pay your PO fee due. This amount is debited to your Credits balance. You can see all Credits transactions and your Credits balance on your statement (avaialble on request).

Your balance needs to remain in credit at all times. Should you fail to comply with this, ShipServ reserves the right to terminate this contract (any unused Membership period forfeit) and downgrade your solution.  It is the supplier’s responsibility to keep their balance in credit, and at a sufficient level to pay for all charges due.

Credits Validity:

Paid Credits do not expire, and any unused Credits that were purchased will carry over to the following year.

Any Free Credits are only valid for 12 Months, and are the first to be consumed on value events.

Any unused free Credits at the end of the 12 Month period are deleted.

Credits can be gained in the following ways:

1. By purchasing credit packs (by pre-paying in this way, and buying larger packs, ShipServ may add a bonus credit to the credit amount that is purchased – see below for the current table).

2. Transferring any remaining PO Pack balance to Credits.  The value of remaining PO Packs is set according to the price per PO paid by that supplier the last time they purchased a PO Pack.  Any transfer amount will be shown on the Service Agreement Form.

The unit prices for the different value events are described in the Service Level Agreement for every supplier.

Where no prices are set then the standard unit price shall prevail.  These standard prices are subject to change with reference to the Notice Period in ShipServ’s  General Terms & Conditions, but currently are as follows:

  • Membership fee: $2,000 for a single TNID on the membership package
  • 1.5% of every PO Value

Note that Membership entitles members to other services (such as banner advertising on Pages) but this is subject to availability and additional charges apply.

Table of credit packs and current bonus levels:

These standard prices are subject to change with reference to the Notice Period in ShipServ’s  General Terms & Conditions


If Membership charges are not paid, and/or a Supplier’s credit balance falls below zero, then ShipServ reserves the right to downgrade the member to non-member status immediately, even if part way through Membership year and no refund will be made.  All entitlements enjoyed as members will be lost, including but not restricted to:

  • Closure of Premium profile and loss of all content uploaded (non-members have basic profiles with much less information displayed)
  • Closure of SmartSupplier tool
  • Closure of BrandZone
  • Closure of integration (if any)


Where there is a query on a value placed against one of the charged events, then ShipServ will do its best to show a breakdown of those events, but ShipServ is not obliged to do so.

Commencement date

The date on the Service Agreement Form is the agreement commencement date.   From that date onwards, ShipServ will start charging for all value events.