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  • "ShipServ is a vital tool for us as a leading European ship chandler and we need to be highly visible in the ports we serve as it is used by all the leading shipping companies."

    George Saris, President
    Atlas Ship Chandlers

  • "We started to use TradeNet just to save time and stop manual typing of orders, but now we get other substantial benefits including vital benchmark data on suppliers’ response times that help us in all our negotiations."

    Knut Ove Thuland Hansen, Purchasing Manager

  • "Time is the biggest saving through ShipServ. We have detailed data that tells us that the amount of time we spend per vessel each week has dropped from 9.2 hours to 7.9 hours."

    Richard O'Malley, Purchasing Supervisor
    Crowley Maritime

  • "Encouraging our suppliers to adopt the e-commerce platform has been well worth the effort. We have reaped significant cost savings from streamlining our purchasing processes."

    Charles Ong, Purchasing Manager
    Keppel Shipyard

  • "Since joining ShipServ in 2012, we have gained 7 new clients in 18 months. It has helped our company be seen in the international shipping market as both ShipServ Pages and TradeNet are used by many different shipping companies and it also speeds up the process between buyer and supplier."

    Valeria Assandri,Machinery & Replacement Parts S.r.l

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20 March 2013

Connect Issue 4

ShipServTo download a PDF of this newsletter click here.

E-Invoicing partnership fuels growth

As part of the continued drive to roll out its e-Invoicing solution, ShipServ

has teamed up with Eye-share to allow shipowners and ship-managers, who

use ShipServ TradeNet, the ability to receive, process and approve invoices and

ultimately to save both time and money.With the ShipServ e-Invoicing service,

the invoice document from the supplier is handled just like any other supplier

documentation through the  ShipServ TradeNet platform and can now be processed

directly into the Eye-share Invoice solution to speed up the workflow and approval process.

Find out more here

Record searches on ShipServ Pages

With an average of over 200,000 searches per month, ShipServ Pages is on course

to break the 2011 record of  2m searches in a year with an estimated 2.8 million

searches this year, a growth of 40% year on year.

As the graph  shows, over the last five years Pages has grown from just over 15,000

suppliers to over 40,000 suppliers from over 200 countries and now allows maritime

buyers to locate over 1,500 brands in 7,500 ports around the world.

Read entire article here


Mariner’s Annual goes mobile


For 55 years,  Mariner’s Annual has been the gold standard for accurate ordering

information for ship supplies – literally as well as figuratively.  The easily recognizable

yellow book with the colored stripes can be reliably found on the bookshelves and desks

of ship captains, purchasing managers, naval architects, and ship suppliers.

Now for the first time, the 2012 Edition of ShipServ Onboard/Mariner’s Annual,

which was launched in September can now be downloaded onto an iPhone or an iPad.

Read more here

Connect3 launched to encourage adoption

ShipServ has launched Connect3, a new service  allowing shipowners and shipmanagers to get a taste of e-commerce on TradeNet by connecting to three major suppliers of their choice without any ShipServ charge.

Launched at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg, the new service will provide users with a real taste of the benefits of e-commerce allowing purchasing managers to instantly control and cut purchasing costs and speed up order cycle times.

Read more about Connect3

Strategy to success

Ivan Blazina: Implementing a Single Point of Contact purchasing strategy only

possible with a common trading platform to standardise documents.

Established in the 1980s, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management has established itself as one of

the leading ship managers having today approximately 450 ships in full management.

As a truly global operation with seven different offices around the world handling thousands

of suppliers, Anglo-Eastern has always been keen to use technology to provide automation and

a high-level of control over its global purchasing activities and this has culminated in its

strategy of pursuing a SPC (Single Point of Contact) for all its major suppliers, with multiple

locations around the world.


Read more about Anglo-Eastern’s strategy here.

ShipServ Explained: ShipLink and ShipCat

What is ShipLink?ShipLink is an easy to use tool with advanced functionality that

helps leading shipowners and managers such as Anglo Eastern to create and send requisitions

to their purchasing department. ShipLink can be used a stand-alone service or in conjunction

with Webbuyer, ShipServ’s online procurement solution.

What is ShipCat?ShipCat, is a self-contained electronic catalogue solution that works seamlessly

with ShipLink , and allows the crew or Master to search bespoke supplier catalogues or the IMPA

Marine Stores Guide that can be purchased under licence.


Read more about ShipLink and ShipCat here

Staying a cut above the rest

In the first of a series of supplier profiles, Connect speaks to Erick Thürmer, owner of, a provider of cutting tools to the shipping industry since the end of the nineteenth

century and a brand new TradeNet member.

When Fritz Thürmer took a patent out on his square cutting tool in 1898 and then subsequently

proudly unveiled his product at the World Fair in Paris in 1900, it is fair to say that delivering

to anywhere in the world within 72 hours after an order had been placed direct through an online

platform was beyond even his wildest dreams.


Read the full article here


E-commerce use continues to grow

The 3rd annual Internet and Social Media use in Shipping survey shows growth but

measurement remains key issue.

We recently released  the findings of our benchmark 2012 Internet and Social Media Use

in Shipping Survey and it showed that the vast majority of shipping industry respondents

believed that internet and social media bring numerous benefits, but alarmingly over 40%

of companies are not measuring the success of their internet activity.

Read the full article here


Under the Spotlight: Silvia Lam Senior Manager, Global Service Delivery 

With a degree in Computer Science and as a fully qualified Project Management Professional,

Silvia is perfectly placed to handle the complexities of client integrations – both buyer and

supplier and is also actively involved in every aspect of ShipServ’s Global Service Delivery strategy.

Read the full article here


Welcome to our new buyer clients

Major names to sign up and/or start trading via ShipServ over the last six months include

CMA Ships, Fleet Management,  Gearbulk, Seaspan, OMC Shipping, Eagle Management, BKE Shelf

(Turkmenistan), Evangrove Shipping, An Shun Marine, Opielok Reederei and BP Shipping,  adding

550 more vessels to ShipServ TradeNet.

Read the full article here


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