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  • "ShipServ is a vital tool for us as a leading European ship chandler and we need to be highly visible in the ports we serve as it is used by all the leading shipping companies."

    George Saris, President
    Atlas Ship Chandlers

  • "We started to use TradeNet just to save time and stop manual typing of orders, but now we get other substantial benefits including vital benchmark data on suppliers’ response times that help us in all our negotiations."

    Knut Ove Thuland Hansen, Purchasing Manager

  • "Time is the biggest saving through ShipServ. We have detailed data that tells us that the amount of time we spend per vessel each week has dropped from 9.2 hours to 7.9 hours."

    Richard O'Malley, Purchasing Supervisor
    Crowley Maritime

  • "Encouraging our suppliers to adopt the e-commerce platform has been well worth the effort. We have reaped significant cost savings from streamlining our purchasing processes."

    Charles Ong, Purchasing Manager
    Keppel Shipyard

  • "Since joining ShipServ in 2012, we have gained 7 new clients in 18 months. It has helped our company be seen in the international shipping market as both ShipServ Pages and TradeNet are used by many different shipping companies and it also speeds up the process between buyer and supplier."

    Valeria Assandri,Machinery & Replacement Parts S.r.l

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18 January 2005

ShipServ chosen to provide e-procurement trading platform and solutions for Korean ship owners / managers and suppliers

In 2003, the Korean Government committed itself to ensuring that Korean industries take full advantage of new technology and software developments in international e-commerce. A Government policy document, The Comprehensive Policies for e-commerce Development, identified nine industries – including shipping – as areas where the use of e-commerce is considered to help Korean industries be more efficient and competitive in the international markets.

For the maritime sector, The Korean Government tasked Busan Techno Park (BTP) – a University backed body – with finding the most cost-efficient e-commerce strategy to allow Korean ship owners / managers and suppliers to maximise their efficiency and competitiveness in serving Korean and global maritime sectors.

After extensive research and visits worldwide, ShipServ was chosen as the ideal partner to provide Korean ship owners / managers with an independent web based e-procurement platform for the purchase and management of all their supply requirements, ashore and from ship-to-shore; and to provide Korean suppliers with solutions to service their clients in Korea and abroad more efficiently and competitively.

The ShipServ e-procurement solutions will be offered to some 65 ship owners / managers controlling over 430 vessels and to about 800 Korean suppliers. Korea’s shipping supply industry will be exposed to the international market and have access to ShipServ’s existing customers from around the world.

The Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has given its full support to Busan Techno Park (BTP), who has signed an Agreement with ShipServ to market ShipServ’s products to the Korean shipping industry under the branding of “Korea Maritime e-Commerce Network”. KMeC is being launched in Seoul on January 18th and in Busan on January 19th, 2005.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mr Chol Ho Kim, from the Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries proudly stated: “We are very happy to support this initiative to bring the best global e-commerce systems to Korea’s shipping industry, ensuring our country’s competitiveness in the international markets.”

“We believe that the globalisation of e-commerce is a more effective way of responding to changes in the international economic landscape.”

“From ShipServ’s point of view,” said Paul Ostergaard, CEO of ShipServ: “We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to assist Korea’s shipping industry in taking full advantage of the opportunity to create a very real competitive advantage for itself. Korean ship owners will be able to improve the productivity of their purchasing and reduce overheads, while Korean suppliers will be able to compete more effectively and speedily in the global market.

“Our agreement provides for our Korean partners to market ShipServ products within Korea. While the interface will remain in English, all marketing materials and contracts will be in Korean language and the software “Help” text will be translated into Korean. ShipServ will also provide extensive training to allow our Korean partner to provide full technical support for all ShipServ products.”

“To have a Government sponsored company market and sell ShipServ products, in Korean, to Korea’s shipping industry is a strong vote of confidence in ShipServ’s ability to provide the best electronic e-procurement systems available in today’s international markets and will ensure a speedy take-up.”

With this creation of the Korea Maritime e-Commerce, KMeC, Network project, the Korean Government have shown themselves to be proactive in supporting the needs and development of their shipping industry and are to be commended for their initiative and foresight.” Mr Ostergaard concluded.

Young Soo Kwon, Business Director of Busan Techno Park added: ” We conducted extensive research into what was the best strategy and are happy to report that in ShipServ, we believe we have found the most efficient and cost-effective solution for Korea’s e-procurement industry, in the shipping sector.”

“Our ship owners / managers and suppliers will now have an opportunity to realise massive competitive advantages. Owners and suppliers will be able to improve productivity and reduce overheads, as well as gaining instant access to additional owners and suppliers from around the world.”

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