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  • "ShipServ is a vital tool for us as a leading European ship chandler and we need to be highly visible in the ports we serve as it is used by all the leading shipping companies."

    George Saris, President
    Atlas Ship Chandlers

  • "We started to use TradeNet just to save time and stop manual typing of orders, but now we get other substantial benefits including vital benchmark data on suppliers’ response times that help us in all our negotiations."

    Knut Ove Thuland Hansen, Purchasing Manager

  • "Time is the biggest saving through ShipServ. We have detailed data that tells us that the amount of time we spend per vessel each week has dropped from 9.2 hours to 7.9 hours."

    Richard O'Malley, Purchasing Supervisor
    Crowley Maritime

  • "Encouraging our suppliers to adopt the e-commerce platform has been well worth the effort. We have reaped significant cost savings from streamlining our purchasing processes."

    Charles Ong, Purchasing Manager
    Keppel Shipyard

  • "Since joining ShipServ in 2012, we have gained 7 new clients in 18 months. It has helped our company be seen in the international shipping market as both ShipServ Pages and TradeNet are used by many different shipping companies and it also speeds up the process between buyer and supplier."

    Valeria Assandri,Machinery & Replacement Parts S.r.l

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28 June 2002

Major suppliers support ShipServ’s balanced approach

Balanced approach

ShipServ’s balanced approach to both sides of the maritime supply industry has continued to pay dividends over the last two months. Both sides of the industry have benefited from ShipServ’s developments but it has recognised that the challenge for suppliers is that the amount of e-commerce available to them is largely dependent upon the readiness of their customers to trade electronically.

Despite this ShipServ’s experience has been that suppliers increasingly understand the need to get involved in e-commerce and invest for the longer term. Many believe that by signing up early, they will be able to get a competitive head start in understanding how to use technology to increase customer satisfaction and retention while lowering costs to serve. They fear that waiting may involve them in a game of catch-up.

Market leaders back ShipServ

ShipServ has been signing up new suppliers and working with existing customers to develop and implement their e-commerce strategy. Through its consulting arm it has helped suppliers think about how they should integrate their existing systems with future e-commerce initiatives.

Many of these companies are market leaders: Wartsila (main engines), Kelvin Hughes (charts and electronic navigation systems), Hamworthy KSE (waste treatment, pumps and compressors) and Aalborg Industries (boilers).

Suppliers comment

Wärtsilä Customer Integration Program, Manager, Michael Hanghoej, says:

“Our vision is to bring the knowledge and services of the Wärtsilä Service organisation to the customer with such speed and accuracy that Wärtsilä clearly becomes the preferred partner for power solutions. ShipServ is helping us achieve this vision with some of our customers.”

Hans-Henrik Jensen, Marketing Manager of Aalborg Industries, comments:

“ShipServ has assisted us to understand the e-commerce requirements of our customers and then to implement practical solutions.”

Graham Lockyer, Hamworthy KSE Group’s Marketing Manager comments:

“ShipServ has been instrumental in pioneering the collaboration between e-commerce facilitators, smoothing the progress of uptake among buyers and suppliers in the marine industry”.

ShipCat launches new catalogue solution

In another development ShipServ has launched and made sales of its new catalogue solution, ShipCat, which has been developed from the software that it used to build the IMPA and ISSA catalogues. For first time suppliers have an opportunity to place up-to-date electronic product data and catalogues on board their customers’ ships. This enables them to ensure that the correct information is delivered back to them and therefore that the correct goods are delivered to the customer.

Supplier Starter pack success

In addition ShipServ has sold 70 starter packs (an average of 3 per week) enabling the small suppliers to take their first e-commerce steps. Since its launch at the beginning of the year ShipServ has received many enquiries about this product especially through its web site guided tour.

Skaarup comments

As ShipServ’s suppliers continue to receive more orders than any previous month, Kim Skaarup, ShipServ Chief Operating Officer, says:

“All these developments underline that ShipServ is delivering as much to its supplier customers as to its shipping company customers. As far as we can see, only ShipServ’s suppliers can trade fully electronically. Our competitors merely send their suppliers spreadsheets or e-mails which are insecure and run the risk of corruption. We provide our suppliers with guaranteed and authenticated delivery of encrypted orders, Their customers can be certain that the quotes given are accurate and received by the right party not in an open e-mail account.”


ShipServ is the leading supplier of Ship Supply Management Software and Solutions. It has over 200 contracted customers (extensive list on including 25 shipowners / managers (e.g. Anders Utkilen, Anglo Eastern, Hoegh, Graig, J Lauritzen, Norden, Orion Schiffahrt, Tschudi & Eitzen and Vroon) and 180 suppliers (e.g. Aalborg Industries, Alfa Laval, Ove Wrist, Hamworthy KSE, Hempel, Man B&W, Wartsila, Fuji). In addition another 350 suppliers have received orders through ShipServ TradeNet. ShipServ customers each day carry out up to 500 transactions – real business. ShipServ has offices in London, Copenhagen and Oslo.