Marine Watertight Doors in Italy

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RS Components S.P.A Milano, Cinisello Balsamo, Italy

RS Components is a leading distributor of electronics and maintenance products, offering quality products, competitive prices, worldwide delivery, and unbeatable...

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... display rs:- winel watertight door
watertight door
... m.w.c. size: x watertight door/main prop. room* watertight doors*

PROMED - Provveditorie Marittime del... Modugno (BARI), Italy

General Ship Supplier

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watertight doors rubber gasket width ...

Promar Augusta SRL Augusta (Sr), Siracusa (Sicily), Italy

Constituded in 1993, Promar s.r.l. is the result of a long lasting experience of its charter members in the naval field. Today the Company is an affirmed reality in...

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for watertight doors rubber packing for ...

Dime S.R.L. Genova, Italy

Supplier of Electronics

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... telephone for galley watertight doors teleindutria tlat telephone ...

Neptune Venice srl Venice, Venice, Italy

Ship Chandlery, Auxiliary Engine Spares, and Main Engine Spares

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watertight door accumulator unit model: ...
watertight door (fire screen door)
watertight door number: name: date ...
watertight doors sogein no. construction ...

Caim S.C.R.L. Genova, Italy

CAIM is leader in the Italian market, one of the world's largest International Admiralty Chart Agents and sole agent for R.I.N.A. Publications (Registro Italiano...

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(n.) watertight door keep shut ca ...
imo symbol: watertight door keep shut saf
watertight door keep shut saf

George Menaboni s.r.l. Livorno, Italy

Menaboni is the oldest company operating in Italy; since 1765 the ship's supplier George Menaboni grants the highest quality and the most appropriate service to a...

Category: Doors/Watertight Doors
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rubber packing for watertight door soft mm x ...

Timavo Ship Supply Monfalcone, Italy

Timavo Ship Supply is located in Monfalcone (Italy). Nowadays the Company is placed in the medium-high segment of its market with important interests in new...

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... guano seanet ???? watertight door, guanosea (????)
-a- watertight door ov

Seanet srl Genova, Genova Harbor, Italy

Supplier of Safety

Category: Doors/Watertight Doors
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... //a seanet ???? watertight door, seanet (????)
... expenses seanet ???? watertight door, seanet (????)
... cylinder seanet ???? watertight door, seanet (????)
[] dd seanet- intervention- watertight door
labor seanet ???? watertight door, seanet (????)

Sidem S.r.l. Genoa, Italy

Supplier of Electric Motors

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... r.b art semi watertight door

Holiday Signals S.r.l. Trieste, Italy

Supplier of Power Supplies

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watertight door sign code: pwna ...

Gecom Genovese Commerciale s.r.L. Genova, Liguria, Italy

Supplier of Design & Engineering Services

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... ca seanet ???? watertight door, seanet (????)

TECNIMPIANTI S.P.A. Termini Imerese, Palermo, Italy

Supplier of Valve, Watertight Doors, Davits

Category: Doors/Watertight Doors

MMGI S.R.L. Romans D'isonzo, Italy

Supplier of Turbines, Watertight Doors

Category: Doors/Watertight Doors

COSNAV Costruzioni Navali S.r.l. Genova, Italy

Supplier of Services

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... flusso cosnav semi watertight door

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