Marine Services in Cameroon

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Sims International Douala, Cameroon

Created in 2005 SIMS INTERNATIONAL has gradually gained the confidence of a large number of companies in the oil & gas industry. Headquartered in the Douala, we...

Category: Services/Chandlery

Glotech Marine Ltd Douala - Limbe - Kribi, Litoral Province,...

GLOTECH Marine is a full-range Shipping and Petroleum Services company built on more than 20 years of solid dependable professional experience in safe, rapid and...

Category: Services/Agency Services

SODIP Ltd Douala, Cameroon, Cameroon

NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTINGS For your industrial equipment, SODIP Ltd implements a set of methods to enable their appraisal and evaluation. We use the following...

Category: Services/Lifeboat & Life Raft Repair Services

The NYL Company Douala - Limbé - Kribi, Littoral, Cameroon

THE NYL COMPANY was set-up and agreed at the various Ports of Cameroun (Douala, Limbe, Kribi) and also at their Anchorage since 2002. From its genesis, the company...

Category: Services/Underwater Inspection Services

Sealand Support Ltd. Douala, Litoral, Cameroon

SEALAND SUPPORT is a private organization with head quarters in Douala Cameroon serving the shipping and offshore industries operating in the Gulf of Guinea...

Category: Services/Chandlery

MPC (Maintenance Production Conseil) Douala, Littoral, Cameroon

MPC maintenance ,production and conseil: dynamic and experienced company, which is based in Douala. MPC maintenance ,production and conseil, supplies Marine and...

Category: Services/Lifeboat & Life Raft Inspection Services

Gulf Ship and Rig Support Co Ltd Litoral, Douala, Cameroon

Supplier of Safety Whistle, Aluminum Bronze Bushings, Axial Loaded Linear Bearing, Babbit Bearings, Babbitt Metals

Category: Cranes, Winches & Lifting/Crane Repair Services

AB Marine Services Douala, Akwa, Cameroon

Supplier of Manning & Crewing Services

Company Name: AB Marine Services
Category: Services/Manning & Crewing Services

GT Marine Services Ltd Limbe, South West Region, Cameroon

Supplier of Lifeboat & Life Raft Repair Services

Company Name: GT Marine Services Ltd
Category: Services/Lifeboat & Life Raft Repair Services

Pageo Marina International Service Ltd. Cameroon

Supplier of Ship Repair Services

Company Name: Pageo Marina International Service Ltd.
Category: Services/Ship Repair Services

STC Marine Services Douala, Littoral, Cameroon

Supplier of Chandlery

Company Name: STC Marine Services
Category: Services/Chandlery

Fako Maritime Services Ltd -Buea, Buea Fako, Cameroon

Supplier of Services

Company Name: Fako Maritime Services Ltd
Category: Services/Manning & Crewing Services/Crew Management

Underwater and Ship Services Douala, Cameroon

Supplier of Hull Cleaning

Company Name: Underwater and Ship Services
Category: Services/Underwater Inspection Services

Tefon Oilfield Services Sarl Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon

Supplier of Chandlery

Company Name: Tefon Oilfield Services Sarl
Category: Services/Chandlery

ETS Tovida SERVICES Douala, Limbe, Cameroon

Supplier of Bonded Stores

Company Name: ETS Tovida SERVICES
Category: Services/Bonded Stores

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