Marine Pumps in Croatia

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Croatia Pumpe Nova d.o.o. Karlovac, Croatia

CROATIA PUMPE NOVA, founded on the experiences of the former JUGOTURBINA Pump Works, as the first and largest pump manufacturing facility in this part of Southeast...

Category: Pumps
Description: ... former jugoturbina pump works, as ...
Document Match: ... list - marine pumps 1990 - 2011 hull ...
Recently Supplied:
impeller pump cgb v no croatia pumps cgb v ...
mechanical seal pump cga v no croatia pumps cga v ...
bearing bush pump cgc v no croatia pumps cgc v ...
wear ring pump cgb v no croatia pumps cgb v ...
vacuum pump set emergency fire ...

TSS d.o.o. Opatija, Croatia

Nowadays the Company is placed in the medium-high segment of its market with important interests in new building first fitting, dry dock and operative cruise...

Category: Pumps
Document Match: transmission pumps raw materials ropes, rigging ...
Recently Supplied:
hydrostatic pump complete rothenberger
... lowara s.r.l. svofpmp pump, lowara
pump, evac (fx )
hand pump (shrader ...
... for fw. cooling pump d

Pulena d.o.o. (Croatia) Pula, Pula, Croatia

Supplier of Pumps

Category: Pumps
Recently Supplied:
... croatia pumpe d.d. pump complete ...
... -uom: /.. mpd pump complete ...
... dx -uom: /... pump complete ...
impeller -uom: /sok- pump complete ...


Supplier of Pumps

Category: Pumps
Recently Supplied:
pump cover item: yugoturbina ...

E.T.AL d.o.o ZAGREB, Croatia

Supplier of Pumps

Category: Pumps

IN Automatika d.o.o Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia

Supplier of Pumps

Category: Pumps

Turbine Works Ltd - TTK 47000 Karlovac, Croatia

Supplier of Heat Exchangers

Category: Pumps
Recently Supplied:
packing pump hnvpm code ...- ...
fresh water cooling pump cgd-,complete -uom: pc ...
... seal for circulation pump rpm,seal code nbuka ...
pump assembled. type som ...
pump casing, -uom: pc ...

MacGREGOR Croatia d.o.o. Kostrena, Rijeka, Croatia

Supplier of Crane & Hydraulic Repair

Recently Supplied:
steering gear cartridge pump complete lme *leistritz ...
deck pump g g medurs, ...
hydr. pump model g medu
deck pump g g medurs, ...
feed pump for -

Popravak Brodskih Motora Cavle, Croatia

Supplier of Ship Repair Services

Recently Supplied:
[] hfo pumps overhauling
[] m/e fo pumps/ and renewal scope

Ben Ship Supply d.o.o. Rijeka, Croatia

Supplier of Chandlery

Recently Supplied:
plastic pump ,chemical resistance plastic ...
gasket for water pump emergency generator famos ...

Metrorad D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia

Supplier of Bearings

Category: Pumps
Recently Supplied:
pump printed board bu- ... bu- inquiry bu- pumps /by central logic ...
... no.: ... croatia pump d.d..m/- bume
booster pump no. port fwd
... type: sokm hydrophore pump no. & (sokm -)
... fp sewage discharge pump no. , fwd

Global Service d.o.o. VELA LUKA, N/A, Croatia

Supplier of Chandlery

Recently Supplied:
... drive for sprinkler pump -tba -tba montmontaza ...

Primotronic d.o.o Croatia Hrvatska, Zagreb, Croatia

Supplier of Electronics

Recently Supplied:
... components emergency fire pump
pump diaphragm for tender ... up to bar pumps / hand ...
water pump for lines and ...
circulating pump -
lever action , barrel pump -

Adriadiesel d.d. Hrvatska, Karlovac, Croatia

Supplier of Services

Recently Supplied:
delivery valve,compl.,f/fuel injec. pump h
... diesel a/s fuel pump
... diesel a/s l/h pump
... a/s l/h- fuel pump
modification of fuel pumps w/ plunger & barrel

GTS D.O.O. Karlovac, Karlovac, Croatia

Supplier of Waste & Sewage Management

Recently Supplied:
... boiler feed water pump vsm / + sue
... maker: jugoturbina tvornica pump fw cooling p/p ...
... lub oil priming pump starter g

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