Marine Pork in Italy

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PROMED - Provveditorie Marittime del... Modugno (BARI), Italy

General Ship Supplier

Recently Supplied:
pork belly fresh
pork loin boneless ...
pork shoulder boneless
pork neck
pork chop

Promar Augusta SRL Augusta (Sr), Siracusa (Sicily), Italy

Constituded in 1993, Promar s.r.l. is the result of a long lasting experience of its charter members in the naval field. Today the Company is an affirmed reality in...

Recently Supplied:
pork loin, defatted, single ...
pork loin .. provisions

Sosema SRL (Headquarters) Livorno, Italy

SO.SE.MA S.r.l. is a dedicated one- stop supplier of fresh and frozen provisions, bonded and dry goods, duty free goods, tobacco, spirits, beers, cabin, deck &...

Document Match: ... meat balls (beef/pork)30's -500gr/pkt ...

Global Marine Supplies S.p.A. Genova, Italy

Global Marine Supplies SpA has been established this year by the merging of the two most experienced and professional ship chandling companies located in Italy and...

Recently Supplied:
pork leg boneless ...

Neptune Venice srl Venice, Venice, Italy

Ship Chandlery, Auxiliary Engine Spares, and Main Engine Spares

Recently Supplied:
sign "pork meat only" csh ...

Alberti S.P.A. Trieste, Italy

In 1898 Luigi Alberti in partnership with Emille Bouillon started a Delikatessen store in the center of Trieste, then major town of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,...

Category: Provisions/Pork
Recently Supplied:
cripy pork crackers
belly,bone in,skin on .. pork

Cianciola Sardegna, S.R.L. Elmas, Cagliari, Italy

Supplier of Chandlery

Recently Supplied:
pork belly sides incl. ...
pork neck

PB 1870 S.R.L. (HQ-Naples) Naples, Italy

Supplier of Shipbroking Services

Recently Supplied:
pork neck

Servizi Catering G.V. S.r.l. Naples, Italy

Supplier of Catering Services

Recently Supplied:
pork chops,

Marine Service SRL (Italy) La Spezia, La Spezia, Italy

Supplier of Bonded Stores

Recently Supplied:
pork leg bone in,
pork legin bone,
pork leg bine in,
pork leg in bone,
pork salami,

Neptune S.r.l. Ravenna, Italy, Italy

Supplier of Provisions

Recently Supplied:
pork loins boneless

ASTROMAR di R.F. General... -Augusta, siracusa, Italy

Supplier of Cabins and Public Areas, Provisions, Engine Systems & Spares

Recently Supplied:
pork shanks .. provisions

Eolian Marine Suppliers S.n.c. Milazzo, (Me), Italy

Supplier of Provisions

Recently Supplied:
pork minsed df,
frozen pork chops,
pork luncheon meat in ...
pork leg, ...
pork minced,

Intermediterranean Marine Suppliers... Augusta, Italy

Supplier of Chandlery

Recently Supplied:
pork belly
pork chops, ...
pork salami, ...

Provvedinavi S.r.l. Ancona, Italy

Supplier of Provisions

Recently Supplied:
pork luncheon meat in ...

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