Marine Lifeboat & Life Raft Repair Services in Norway

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Zenitel Norway AS, Zenitel Marine Horten, Norway

Zenitel is a leading solution provider in professional communication. We serve markets that require secure, critical communication. The core of our business is to...

Document Match: ... - 240v and lifeboat symbol ƒ ...
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... detection, fire and lifeboat

Ditech AS Tonsberg, Vestfold, Norway

Delivers and solves problems for all types of filters for diesel engines, complete filter solutions and filters for maintenance of hydraulic systems. more than 4000...

Recently Supplied:
... donaldson davit port lifeboat lh-,
lifeboat starboard side. mob/le, ...
... ahk diesel engine lifeboat sabb l
lifeboat)> lh ,
... parts mare safety lifeboat mare safety frb

SH Trading AS Bergen, Godvik, Norway

Supplier of Electrical Supplies

Recently Supplied:
transformer lfc-- lifeboats with equipment
... plug for lantern lifeboat
battery v lifeboats with equipment
searchligh for lifeboat
systems (incl lifeboats, liferafts davits, buoy) eq: ...

Velde Supply AS Haugesund, Norway

Velde Supply has 60 years of experience in supplying electrical equipment in harbours all over the world. We shall contribute in making purchase of electrical...

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... fire detection, fire lifeboat alarm
fw heater. type @ lifeboat engine ghr-hp
... type/model type/model norsafe lifeboats
... lbc mare safety lifeboat gtc
... silver v varta lifeboats with equip

Timm Marine AS Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Reliable, flexible and service minded. Timm, established in 1772, is one of the world's longest running rope manufacturing companies. We have supplied ships with...

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... lifesaving systems (incl lifeboats, liferafts, davits,
... lifesaving systems (incl lifeboats, liferafts, davits, buoy)
liferaft wire fall per attached liferafts
lifeboat falls
liferaft davit wire

Erling Haug A/S Trondheim, Norway

About us Since 1936 Erling Haug AS has been a supplier of goods and services to Norwegian companies. We mainly operate in the following markets. Industry We are a...

Description: ...liferafts, survival suits and ...
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... for cutting of liferafts straps when lowering
lifeboat davit wire, meter, ...
liferaft evacuation ladder type/model ...
annual service on liferafts ...
lifeboats with equipment

Nautisk Forlag AS Oslo, Norway

International Authorised Maritime Agent of Paper Charts, Electronic Charts and Publications. We have also our own system NEPTUNE for Vessel Information Service...

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imo symbols lifeboat imo symbols ...
liferaft text
liferaft launching nautisk forlag- ...
lifeboat launching in a ...
safety poster liferafts jj lifesaving, safety ...

John Dahle Skipshandel AS Tananger, Norway

Supplier of Chandlery, Lifting Slings

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lifeboat embarkation ladders overall ...
... aid kits for lifeboat first aid kits ...

Fluid Control AS Bergen, Norway

Active Service AS is a full-service supplier of hoses, fittings and tubing components with: Ancillary fittings Hydraulic hoses Cleaner hoses-High/Low...

Recently Supplied:
hydraulic hoses for lifeboat
hydr.hoses lifeboat
... spare parts hydramaskin lifeboat davit skidway/a-frame f/ hd-
... for mob boat/ liferaft aukra industrier ,
... a/s free fall lifeboat ges

Prolink International A.S Mo i Rana, Norway

Supplier of Signs, Rescue & Survival, Safety

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sign, lower lifeboat to water, cm ...
sign, lifeboat sgin x cm ...
sign, lifeboat cm x cm ...
sign, liferaft mm x mm ...

Autronica Fire and Security AS Trondheim, Norway

Autronica Fire and Security AS We provide a total fire detection and fire suppression solutions for all kinds of vessels anywhere in the world.Suppression was...

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fire & lifeboat alarm
... detection, fire and lifeboat alarm systems
... detection, fire and lifeboat alarm
... fire detection, fire lifeboat alarm
& lifeboat alarm

ScanRope Marine AS Tønsberg, Norway

A proud reputation built over 210 years Since 1796 and throughout its more than 210 years of business, ScanRope has played an active part in the development of...

Recently Supplied:
... xws() iwrc for lifeboat's falls.
... xws() iwrc for lifeboat's falls. .._
steel ropes for lifeboat steel rope ...
... type gravity, hgd-- lifeboat davit no.
... for free fall lifeboat davit wire rope ...

Fuglesangs AS Skoyen, Oslo, Norway

Focus: Products & services in the area of pumps, hydraulics, sealing technology and ancillary areas such as valves and polymer coatings. Key markets: Oil & gas,...

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... el motor, winch lifeboat stb lonne kdf ...
... art. no. :vac,vdc,a lifeboat
... stop solenoid engine, lifeboat port sabb motor ...
drive belt-pump/altern. y- lifeboat engine saab marine ...

Mento Tananger, Norway

Supplier of Hoses

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... pressure: bar hpu/ lifeboat davit, npu---e-lh

Frydenbo Power AS Skedsmokorset, Akershus, Norway

Supplier of Propellers, Thrusters, Bow Thrusters, Steering & Propulsion

Recently Supplied:
... gasket saab diesel life-boat engine sb grg

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