Marine Fruit in Thailand

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Barter Universal Services... Bangkok,...

Service Provider & Chandler.... Ship and Offshore 1. Ship Medical Chest Services and supplies (provide since 2003) a)Inspection, Certification, Supplies (All...

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kiwi fruit kiwi ...
fruit ...
[kgs] pear fruit pear ...
[kgs] pear fruitpear fruit for christmas year ...

Singha Marine Services Ltd Part. Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand

Singha Marine Services has provided quality supplies, Prompt delivery and exceptional service for twenty years, Singha Marine has the stock engine and deck...

Recently Supplied:
chocolate, cadbury, fruit & nut
lime fruit, fresh cooled
fruit cake, x-
kiwi fruit cooled
fresh fruits fresh ...

Spry Asia Group Co., Ltd. Chonburi, Thailand

Supplier for food, consumables and technical stores and spares for the marine and offshore industries in Thailand

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lime fruit, fresh cooled
item name: yoghurt fruit ml yoghurt ...
fresh fruit, apples ..
fresh fruit, lemons ..
kiwi fruit cooled

Lucky Star Marine Supply Co.,Ltd Maptaphut, Rayong, Thailand

Lucky Star Marine Supply (in Thailand) We are the ideal, one stop source for an extensive range of dry and frozen foodstuff and technical stores for ships:...

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... internal temperature of fruits vegetables, beef, processed ...
item name: fruit coctail tinned, ltr ...

Oil-Tex (Thailand) Co. Ltd Chonburi, Thailand

Supplier of Ship Repair Services

Recently Supplied:
fruit white
yoghurt, assorted fruit
fruit cocktails * *

Decho Catering and Logistic Services... Songkhla, Thailand

Supplier of Catering Services

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food order fruits and vegetables per // * *
floor cleaner fruit aromafloor cleaner ...
fresh fruit and vegetables
[] provision for fresh fruits & vegetables for april
[] fruits & vegetables for may

SMR Marine Supply Co., Ltd. Rayong, Thailand

Supplier of Provisions

Recently Supplied:
(lov) to month fruit & veg * *
deluxe fruit cake * *
banana fruits
(lov) vegetables & fruits * *

C. P. Marine Supply Co., Ltd. Samutprakarn, Thailand

Supplier of Electrical Supplies

Recently Supplied:
juice mixed fruit thai impa consumables ...
fruits yoghurt assorted gr ...
fruit cake line no ...
fruit bananas half ripe ...

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