Marine Suppliers of Kosaka in Japan

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Fuji Trading Co. Ltd. (Kobe) Kobe, Japan

Registered Head Office in Yokohama, Japan, and Marine Logistics Headquarter in Kobe, FUJI TRADING CO., LTD. (FTC), with over 5 decades of maritime experience, offers...

Brand: Kosaka
Recently Supplied:
slide case - kosaka laboratory gls-th screw ...
rotor maker; kosaka laboratory type/model: gh-rt- ...
o-ring kosaka laboratory gls-th screw ...
grease seal kosaka laboratory gls-th screw ...
mechanical seal ./ kosaka laboratory

ISS Machinery Services Limited Osaka, Japan Basic Service Scope: 1. Supply of Genuine Spare Parts & Equipment from the Original Manufacturers. 2. Technical services for trouble...

Brand: Kosaka
Document Match: ... 30. kosaka laboratory ltd. pumps ...
Recently Supplied:
stator, , drwg.: u kosaka laboratory ,, sludge pump
... symbol: scs impeller kosaka laboratory
o-ring kosaka#
rotor kosaka laboratory gls-th screw ...
bearing nut ./ kosaka laboratory

Technomarine Co., Ltd. Kobe, Hyogo-Ku, Japan

Technomarine Co., Ltd. is where you can find a wide range of top quality JAPANESE manufactured marine spare parts and industrial machineries. For over 25 years, we...

Brand: Kosaka

Fukuno International Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

We, Fukuno International Ltd., procure marine-use products for various kinds of ships, supply marine machinery and are engaged in ship repair and other operations....

Brand: Kosaka

Delta Co.Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Supplier of Auxiliary Engine Spares

Recently Supplied:
kosaka laboratory fuel oil ...
... seal r), drwg.: kosaka laboratory h.f.o.purifier feed ...
kosaka laboratory pump
... gear pump, drwg.: kosaka laboratory ho purifier ...
... will send by kosaka laboratory gear coupling ...

Faith Maritime Co., Ltd. Kobe, Kobe, Japan

Supplier of Pumps, Boilers and Steam Generation, Hatch Covers

Recently Supplied:
... pillar mcb-df-/ -gvs--n kosaka laboratory gv-rs- m.e.

SH Marwell Co. Ltd. Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Supply of all of kinds of Unit of marine Machinery & Spare Parts for marine Machinery. Maintenance service for Marine Machinery. Forwarding of several units and...

Recently Supplied:
mechanical seal kosaka laboratory gh-rt-, type:gh-rt- ...

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Supplier of Hydraulic Systems

Company Name: Kosaka Laboratory Ltd
Brand: Kosaka

Marinco Ltd Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan

Supplier of Davits

Recently Supplied:
/ ghs-bb-n kosaka laboratory boiler f.o. ...
... boiler fo burning kosaka laboratory horiz.screw p--
pillar-mc-d kosaka laboratory f.o.transfer pump
o-ring, , drwg.: --n kosaka laboratory higashimizumoto katushike-ku ...
o-ring, , drwg.: lso kosaka laboratory higashimizumoto katushike-ku ...

Sunrio Corporation Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Supplier of Engine Systems & Spares

Recently Supplied:
... dwg:ghs part no: kosaka laboratory
... pump type:cvs- make: kosaka laboratory

Sunami Marine Co. Ltd. Kobe, Japan

Supplier of Air Conditioning

Recently Supplied:
... saginomiya type sns-cwuq kosaka
... type sns mpa kosaka labratory
... p cpp pump kosaka labratory gh-t- .m/h ...

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