Marine Suppliers of Amri in Italy

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Timavo Ship Supply Monfalcone, Italy

Timavo Ship Supply is located in Monfalcone (Italy). Nowadays the Company is placed in the medium-high segment of its market with important interests in new...

Brand: Amri
Recently Supplied:
... r h ksb amri valve,ksbamri (?)
[ea] valve, , dn , amri ksb dn pn ...

Medana & Visca s.r.l Vercelli, Borgosesia, Italy

Supplier of Valve

Recently Supplied:
... pn dn, pn amri valve,ksbamri (?)
... pn dn pn amri ksb dn dn ...
... dn pn ksb amri valve,ksbamri (?)
... leather packing dn amri (u.k.) (use flanged ...

Culligan Italiana S.p.A. Cadriano di Granarolo E. - Bologna,...

Supplier of Water Treatment

Recently Supplied:
... lug, dn pn amri dn pn, lever ...

Barbagelata Adriatica s.r.l. Venezia, Marghera, Italy

Supplier of Mooring, Ropes, Wires & Cables

Recently Supplied:
... .ltr, bar ohm amri (u.k.) (use acto ...

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